The Book Of Whimsies

By C S Hughes

The Book Of Whimsies is a collection of gossamer thin poems in which you will find summer days and winter nights, dragonflies and storm borne kites, buttered scones and rusting tin, lost ships and weary hearts, green hills and untied shoes, cups of tea and sleepless nights, and floating above it all a benign and melancholy moon. The poems are mysterious as whispers, sometimes sad, sometimes high, but nearly always told with the poignancy of loss, the echoes of love, and with the knowledge that a whim may just as easily lead to dark and unexpected consequences.

What readers have said about this book

His words dance in an abounding radiance…

James Walton

A lovely book and a pleasure to read.

Teri Fitzgerald 

C S Hughes weaves a reed boat with words, and then sends the reader off onto a moonlit sea of imagery.

Marie Blake

This is a book of the unexpected. Many poems are observations of the familiar from a perspective that draws curtains from windows to reveal new appreciation. Some are koan-like, not so much in structure but in their effect. I have been writing and publishing poetry for decades and am delighted with this introduction of a poet new-to-me.

Kevin Taylor

Where to purchase

The Book Of Whimsies is available on Amazon via the link below, you can also find it on Book Depository, or contact the author directly.

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