Upon A Time A Tower Rose

By C S Hughes

Upon A Time A Tower Rose is a fairy story, a fable, a romance, an adventure, a poem and a mystery. Trapped in a tower in a valley by the sea a girl with a golden voice sings her heart out, guarded by large and noble bird. In a distant land driven by heartbreak and tragedy a young prince begins a quest in search of the girl with the golden voice. On the way he meets the self-satisfied, the villainous, the monstrous and the miraculous, and many a strange bird indeed.

What readers have said about this book

C.S. Hughes’ fairy-tale, Upon A Time A Tower Rose, harkens back to the time of the classic epics that shaped the literary world. True to the form of those original fairy-tales of the Brother’s Grimm, the story of Prince Michael’s pilgrimage is unflinching in its telling and filled with great wonder. Hughes’ rich prose is easily devoured in one sitting, but I recommend a more leisurely reading so that each deftly crafted sentence can be savored. I was delighted by the layout of the book; even in kindle form, the author has maintained the style of a picture book. The pages are artistic in their decoration without being elaborate or over-ornamental. A Tower Rose is a delightful diversion that will return even the most jaded adult to the innocence of their childhood.

A Dillard

A very delightful fable. A wonderful read.

F Reynolds

Where to purchase

Upon A Time A Tower Rose is available on Amazon via the link below, you can also find it on Book Depository, or contact the author directly.